Health Management

PAHM – Plan Analysts Health Management

“70% of medical costs are due to BEHAVIOR”

  • Provable Results
  • Improve employee health and lives
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve goodwill
  • Improve claims
  • Many wellness and disease management programs talk a good story but fail to deliver results
    • 95% participation is necessary to achieve results in a successful wellness program(Dr. Dee Edington)
    • 20% of groups members have serious undiagnosed medical conditions
    • 10% – 30% actively participate in wellness programs. These are “the ones who need it least”
  • Ask us how we can prove our program results with PAHM (Plan Analysts Total Health Management!

Total Wellness from PA includes

  • Risk Detection & Stratification
  • Tracked Results
  • Nurse Coach Management (RN)
  • We key in on those whose claims are, or would, impact your plan most.

Health Management

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