What Is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft is victimizing 6% of your employees every year – this is costing YOU money! Think lost productivity, lost presenteeism and increased absenteeism.

Most of us think of credit card charges when we think of Identity Theft. But you should know identity theft is a crime that can affect other aspects of your life in even more terrifying ways.

Financial – You could have thieves running up tens or even hundreds of thousands in credit in your name and then disappearing leaving you holding the bill.

Criminal – If a criminal gave false information containing your identity when arrested by the police you could be arrested and thrown in jail, over and over again.

Social Security – If you social security number is used illegally you could get calls from IRS agents insisting you owe taxes on a job you never had.  Also, someone could use your SSN to file taxes before you have a chance to, keeping you for getting a return you are entitled to until you can prove you are innocent.

Children – Children identities are very valuable to a thief.  Not thinking or knowing to check your child’s credit history means years could go by before you find out your child can’t get a loan to go to college because, as a toddler, a thief built up tens of thousands in bad credit using their identity.

Medical – Medical identity theft can be not only costly but potentially lethal.  You could get a bill for thousands for a surgery you never had, only to be faced with the horror that wrong medical information, including a different blood type, which could be deadly, now exists in your records.

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  • What Is Identity Theft?
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