Employee Solutions

Telemedicine Program

Plan Analysts offers a superior telemedicine program to all our clients

  • No co-pay required
  • All family members under the same roof covered for a low per employee per month of $4.50
    • Consults do not result in Medical claims to the health plan
  • All doctors are Board Certified Emergency Medicine Trained
  • 100% dedicated to working for the telemedicine program
  • On call and available 24/7
  • Accessible via phone, secure video for treatment and triage
  • Average recall rate to the member is less than 30 minutes
    • Many other programs are experiencing waits up to 22 hours
  • No Registration and no Medical History required
  • Prescribe non-narcotic medicines 24/7
  • Every Consult is followed up 100% of the time
  • Concierge service for appointments and testing
  • Speed of emission to an Emergency Room if needed

**Telemedicine Program does not replace the need to call 911 for true life-threatening emergencies

Employee Handbook

A well designed employee handbook is an invaluable asset for a company to have.  It can provide a communication gateway between management and employees concerning employer expectations, policies, and company background.  In addition, a handbook is a consistent guide for the employees to follow.  Plan Analysts can provide to our clients an employee handbook to customize to include policies that are applicable to their business and its practices.  This handbook will encompass many sections and specifics applicable to most organizations and the rationale behind their importance.  It is imperative that each client customizes their handbook to reflect the policies of their particular company.

Ongoing Employee Communications

We recommend our clients engage in an ongoing communication campaign with their employees.  The campaign should include elements such as how to be better health care consumers and the true cost of the benefit plan and how that relates to the company bottom line.

Each of our clients is provided with instant access to a vast library of downloadable articles covering a variety of topics – right when they need them! Topics include employee health and wellness, smart consumerism, understanding benefits and much more…

Onsite Meetings with Benefit Enrollment Guides

Plan Analysts can facilitate on-site enrollment meetings as well as employee webinars during open enrollment. Plan Analysts is also available for Web based and IVR Telephonic open enrollments.

We provide a customized and detailed benefit enrollment guide to our groups at no charge.  The full color “take home” booklet allows our clients to communicate to their employees those points that are of importance about the company sponsored and voluntary employee benefits.  The printed booklet makes it easy to share with family members and keep for their records.

Plan Cost Calculator

The Plan Cost Calculator is an electronic model to help employees get a general idea of what their out of pocket costs and annual payroll deductions may be depending on what plan they choose being offered by their employer.  The model is based on key rules of ea
ch plan offered such as primary care physician visits, x-rays, lab work and prescription drugs.  It’s intended to give the employee a better idea of which plan may be better for them depending on their own circumstances.

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