May 19, 2020: Principal Dental Premium Credit & Personal Protective Equipment Payment

COVID-19 is impacting everyone’s lives – including dentists and our dental members. Most dental offices are temporarily closed for non-emergency services. When they do open, expenses will likely increase for dentists and potentially our members due to the cost of increased infection control procedures, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). On top of the no change renewals offered through October 15, 2020, Principal is offering the following premium credit in an effort to relieve some of the financial burden our groups are enduring.

Employers with fully insured dental insurance will receive a 10% premium credit on their June through October dental bills.

  • Whether the coverage is contributory or voluntary, the credit will be applied to the group’s bill.
  • Self-Accounting groups will need to calculate a 10% reduction in the dental premium for June through October bills.

When members go to an in-network dental provider from June 1 through  December 31, 2020, Principal will automatically include a $7 payment per member for in-office visits for PPE.

  • This payment will help offset the additional expenses for dental offices to maintain up-to-date infection control procedures and to reduce the risk of exposure to our members.
  • Additionally, this payment may help decrease members’ out-of-pocket cost.
  • This PPE payment will be available to Principal contracted or leased providers only.


Please Note:

  • This temporary payment will not reduce members’ calendar year maximums.
  • Principal will be including $7 per member for in-office visits regardless of whether the in-network provider submits a separate fee.
  • Out-of-network providers are not included in this offering, and the provider may bill the patient for the added PPE expense.


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