March 31, 2020: GPA Tips for Working from Home

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, more individuals are being asked to work from home. Whether you are a work from home professional or new as a homeworker, working outside of an office or experiencing a change to your normal routine can be challenging. See GPA’s tips below to effectively work from home.

Create a Normal Morning Routine:
Start your day as if you worked in an office. Get up early, have breakfast, get dressed and try to avoid online distractions while working. Determine the best rhythm for your day to ensure you are able to follow your company policy and procedures and accomplish your daily tasks.
Create a Normal Morning Routine:
Don’t let the line between work and home blur. It is important to keep the two distinct. Designate a specific space to work that is quiet and free from distractions (no barking dogs, loud television, etc.). Instilling a professional work environment is a great way to separate work and home life and will allow you to stay focused on the project at hand.
Maintain a Regular Work Schedule:
Working from home can offer more flexibility and perks (think no traffic!). However, it is important to follow your company’s policy and procedures in regards to your work schedule. Sticking to a normal schedule is another great strategy to allow you to have a clear distinction between your work and home life. If you need to make any adjustments to your schedule, have this discussion with your supervisor. There is no such thing as over communicating with your supervisor when working remotely. Your supervisor will appreciate the updates and have more confidence you are successfully completing your work responsibilities.
Stay Connected:
Prolonged isolation can lead to weakened motivation and productivity. Put in the extra effort to stay connected by scheduling regular virtual meetings with colleagues, clients and work peers. You can also get involved with professional organizations by using online networking sites to maintain connections. Have regular phone contact with your supervisor and share any barriers you are experiencing with working from home.
Celebrate Your Success:
Staying motivated while working from home can be difficult. One effective way to maintain momentum is to take time to acknowledge what you have been able to accomplish that day. The daily reminder of what you were able to accomplish will help create a virtuous cycle going forward.
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