March 24, 2020: Humana Response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, please click here to view Humana’s update on enrollment, eligibility, premium payments, and continuation for groups.

Key Facts:

  • Can coverage be continued if a partial number of employees are laid off? Yes, Humana is relaxing the requirement that employees need to be actively at work to be eligible for coverage. This is effective until May 1, 2020 as long as monthly premium is remitted and coverage is offered on a uniform basis.
  • Does this same apply to small group level funded plans? Yes, providing premium is remitted and coverage is offered uniformly.
  • Can Humana continue coverage if ALL employees are laid off? Yes, if one person remains employed and covered by the plan, you can continue to offer coverage to employees that have been laid off until May 1, 2020 providing premium is remitted and coverage is offered uniformly.
  • Will COBRA and/or state continuation still be offered? Yes, if a group is subject to COBRA, employees can elect to continue coverage under COBRA by following standard notice and election periods. Small group level funded plans generally do not apply. If the group plan is terminated entirely, COBRA and/or state continuation for fully insured plans will not apply.
  • Will employees who are laid off temporarily be allowed to rejoin the plan without a waiting period when they return to work? Yes, Humana will waive the waiting period for employees who are laid off. New hires will be subject to standard waiting periods.
  • Will Humana offer a premium grace period? Yes, we will continue to offer a 30 day grace period for premium payments or applicable state law.
  • Will group rates/premium be subject to change if enrollment drops by more than 10%? No, if the loss of enrollment is a result of the COVID-19 situation, rates and premiums will remain the same until the groups’ next renewal date.

For updated news on Humana’s response to COVID-19, please click here.

Disclaimer: Please note that these policies are subject to change due to carrier, local government, state government, or federal government regulation.

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